10m beacon 28.2778 mhz

Yeah yeah yeah—I know…. the world does not need yet another West Coast United States 10-meter beacon.  I get it.  LOTS of “beacon haters” out there.  But ya know what?  I don’t give a damn if you hate 10-meter beacons!!  Don’t listen to them if you don’t like them. 

Anyway, “rant mode” off.

Thanks to Bill, WJ5O, the Guru of all things 10m Beacons, for all the assistance and recommendations.  He assigned me the frequency of 28.2778 MHz for my CW beacon that has now been on the air continuously since March of 2013.

As of July 2013, the transmitter is a Realistic HTX-100 currently running at 5-watts RF output.  I originally had it dialed down (via an internal pot) to only 1-watt, but to date have not had a single signal report so it’s now running 5-watts.

I also just rebuilt the antenna.  I have an old 20-meter mono-band antenna I put up in 2006 or so, but never used it much.  I now have other antennas for that band.  So I cut that copper pipe homebrew antenna down to 99-inches with 3 radials, each 109 inches long.  The SWR is a near-perfect 1.5:1 at my beacon frequency.

 The keyer is a K1EL Keyer Kit—built using the external power variation.  VERY simple kit to build and a pretty powerful little keyer!  I actually bought a second to build up a tiny portable keyer system for backpacking.  The keyer is simply programmed using a standard paddle—key in what you want the message to say.

My stored message in CW is “V V V de W7UUU/b CN87” - repeats once every minute.  Pretty simple and standard Beacon stuff.


Please—If you hear my beacon on the air, send me an email with a report!

amateur radio station    W7UUU

Grid CN87rf


CQ Zone 3

K1EL Keyer

HTX-100 10m XCVR

Beacon antenna…

1/4 wave vertical at 15 feet with 3 wire radials


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